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Tianming Quality Inn, is located in the premises of Yuhill Leisure Plaza, at the foot of Yuhill National Forest Park, an ecological park. Fresh air, beautiful hill view, tranquility and elegant traditional Chinese style building with fashionable design make it a unique place for keeping fit and building temperament. At the large balcony, you just feel as if you are a part of a natural beautiful scenery of "Half of the hill stretching into the city, all the streams going into the sea".


Our inn is a branch of Tianming Grand Hotel, which is managed by Nanjing Jingling Hotels & Resorts Corporation. Each of the 50 rooms has different design, featured by privacy and family taste. And there are all matching facilities and services for business, daily living and recreational purposes in the premises. Therefore, Tianming Quality Inn is second to none for family reunions, business and holidays in Changshu.

观山轩         品茗会友,体味那独特的空灵洒脱

Link Bar      现代、时尚,是您自由享冲浪的好去处

健身房         先进便捷的健身器材,助您拥有健康体魄

Mountain-view Lounge After a day's travel, relax yourself her by tea-drinking here

Link Bar A stylish place for you to enjoy internet surf Gym There are branded treadmills for you to exercise


36 Yuhill Leisure Plaza North street (at the foot of Yu Hill)

Changshu 215500 Suzhou China